Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur 700ml


Bolivian Coca Leaf liqueurs are said to date back to the De Medici family with Rudyard Kipling going as far as to state that they were made “from the clippings and shavings of angels’ wings”.

Agwa, distilled in the Netherlands, adds Chinese Green Tea, African Mint, Amazonian and Argentinean Guarana, and Ginseng to their (de-cocainised) Bolivian Coca Leaf as part of 37 different herbs and botanicals.

Often served as a shooter (after a slice of lime for a ‘Bolivian Kiss’) or with energy drink but also makes for an interesting Mojito or Margarita…

Nose: Sweet Lemon and Lime (especially lime) just like green Opal Fruits (or ‘Starburst’ if you must) up front with some herbal notes, eucalyptus and green apple too.

Palate: Syrupy and more herbal, aloe vera and mint as well as some subtle Euthymol tang.

Finish: Spicy, dry and bittersweet.

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