Kraken Black Cherry & Vanilla Spiced Rum 700ml


The product presents an intensely fruity and flavorful amalgamation of the distinctive black spiced Caribbean rum, infused with rich cherries and a touch of Madagascan vanilla, culminating in a finish that is both wildly enjoyable and refreshingly smooth. It is ideally consumed poured over ice, complemented with cola and a slice of lime.

Legend has it that a vessel transporting one of the greatest amounts of black spiced rum from the Caribbean Islands mysteriously never arrived at its intended destination. Despite the abundance of tales, an encounter with the Kraken is the most suspected reason, yet none of these stories have been verified.

The colour is a foreboding dark amber, tinged with threatening hints of purple and copper. The nose is overwhelmed with abundant aromas of molasses, toffee and black cherry. The palate experiences a deep cherry and caramel flavor, undercut with sweeter notes of warming wood and vanilla. The finish is as intricate and enduring as the Kraken’s tentacles.

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