Wild Hibiscus Finger Lime Gin


A 10 year journey in the making . . . this gin is a distillers’ masterpiece, featuring suspended fingerlime caviar from the distiller’s own 80 acre farm at Kurrajong Heights NSW, located at the top of a picturesque mountain 65km north west of Sydney on the edge of the Blue Mountains.

These little balls of limey goodness pop in your mouth when you bite them releasing an aromatic burst of pure citrussy gin, redefining your definition of the ultimate Gin & Tonic! It is a very playful gin.

Wild Hibiscus Distilling Co Finger Lime Gin is THE WORLD’S MOST DIFFICULT GIN TO MAKE! Each small batch takes over 1 year and the distiller grows the fruit, distills multiple gins to infuse the caviar at different stages and he then balances out this magnificent gin with pure deep spring water from his farm.

The finger limes are grown on Lee’s 80 acre farm where he has 1,500 grafted finger limes of all different colours, alongside lemon myrtle, native pepperberries and a bunch of other native & unusual fruits and seeds.

Over 4 years of painstaking research and development, endless testing, distilling and retesting . . . this mind bending gin is 100% natural and a complete renegade in the ‘oft bland world of gin.

But . . . enjoying it is simple! Ice, tonic, stir with a sprig of thyme. It’s an experience you will never forget. The perfect Gin & Tonic.

Serving suggestions:

  • Neat (we prefer without ice): don’t swallow the cavier straight down, they deserve to be bitten to release their nector
  • F-bomb Gin & Tonic: 50 ml of gin, and 100 ml of a decent neutral tonic (don’t try anything fancy — this gins brings all the fanciness). Stir over ice and garnish with a sprig of thyme

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