La Torretta Sangiovese

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The characteristics of Sangiovese:

 Usually they have quite a high alcoholic concentration and is a wine that can age well over time.  It is a late varietal grape with a good adaptability and a tendency to over production.  The leaf is three lobed and the bunches produced on the vine are medium sized.  The berries are medium-large and regular in shape with a purplish tending to blac skin.

Like most red wine grapes, they give their best in clayey – calcareous soil .

The first typical scent you will smell in a Sangiovese is the Red fruit flavors, such as red cherry, strawberry, plum, and raspberry  and blackberry and it can also carry some notes of coffee and cocao and earthy herbaceousness if the wine has been aged in oak casks.

Sangiovese is a dry, light to medium-bodied red wine that tips towards higher levels of mouth-watering acidity and tighter tannins.

The rich flavors range from rustic to fruity, depending on where and how the vines are managed

The aroma varies, but most give off notes of vanilla, forest leaves, wild berries, and anise. Over time, you may notice the figs, roses and dried cherry scents, particularly if it is an older blend.

Sangiovese is much like Pinot Noir in that it reflects where it is grown exceptionally well. It can be found in styles that range from light and crunchy to dark, bold and tannic

How to pair Sangiovese:

 The ideal pairing of Sangiovese is with first courses, so Pasta with meat sauces, Pizza, Soups up to grilled and baked red meats.  It is an easy drinking wine and very pleasant and can be enjoyed simply on it’s own as a good glass of red Italian wine !

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Italy, Puglia

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